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WHAT IS AN LCSW? Being a  "Licensed Clinical Social Worker" means I have a 2 yr Masters degree in social work with an emphasis in clinical mental health practice. Then I completed an internship of 2 years during which my work was supervised. Then I passed a written exam and an oral exam in order to be licensed to practice independently. The MSW also includes training regarding interventions that not only target mental health but also other factors impacting human welfare such as economic status, cultural background, physical health, socio-political forces and environmental factors. Since being licensed I have continued my clinical training to expand and update my skills.

Let's Talk

Catherine Currie, LCSW

11549 Los Osos Valley Road #106
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Tel:         805-542-9024

Some insurance accepted.  Contact me to find out about yours.

​I REALLY would like your feedback on my website. What you like and what you would like to see changed or added.  I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!


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Though the address is LOVR the entrance is through the parking lot behind the building which is accessed from El Tigre. Lots of free parking!

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