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​     Thanks for visiting. I look forward to hearing about your reason for seeking a psychotherapist in San Luis Obispo, CA.
    Many of my clients enlist my help with clinically significant mental disorders such as depression, bipolar,  anxiety and panic, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance dependence  or psychosis.  
     Others find me when they are dealing with the stress we all face as we navigate life's challenges and changes.  An important part of almost all the work I do is helping people connect with their own wisdom about who they are and what life means to them in order to create a life that is sustaining and supportive of good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
     I have training in many treatment approaches, including client-centered insight-oriented talk therapy, mindfulness, self-acceptance training, Gestalt therapy, Existential Psychotherapy and behavioral approaches such as CBT and DBT. As we get acquainted we will develop a strategy for addressing your particular needs.
     I have been practicing psychotherapy in SLO since 1995. I accept most insurance for individual sessions. Couple's counseling is private pay only.  Please call with specific questions. 805 542-9024. Or see contact page to email me.


Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are.​

                     -Chinese Proverb

A strong working relationship is at the heart of effective therapy. I have been successful in working with individual's presenting a wide range of concerns and life experience.


Like a psychologist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker provides psychotherapy for clients seeking help with mental health issues. For more details, see contact page.

Catherine Currie LCSW

Evidence Based


In my years of training and experience I have paid attention to research in the field which gives us information about the effectiveness of different treatment approaches.  The therapeutic interventions I use have been studied, found to be effective, and continue to be refined.  Still the most researched factor in successful outcomes is the therapist-client alliance.  We will work together to create a therapeutic experience for you. 

Treatment Philosophy

Aware and Mindful

I first learned about the importance of "awareness" in my study of Gestalt  psychology early in my training.  This is an approach that emphasizes being present in the moment and noticing what is happening internally and externally with absence of judgement and with curiosity.  As time went by I noticed that the principles of Gestalt psychology seemed congruent with  practices of Eastern philosophies which included meditation,  non-attatchment and radical acceptance. Then references to "Mindfulness" as a treatment approach began appearing  within our profession due to results of research showing it's positive effects on the brain and the mind. To me this felt like validation of a familiar old friend that has been present in our lives really forever. Certainly it has always been my intent to include curiosity, non-judgement, radical acceptance and "mindfulness" as basic touchstones of my practice of psychotherapy.

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