CBT for eating: Create a Happy Relationship with Food


If you struggle with binge eating, over-eating, obesity or frustration with your eating behavior or your weight, you have probably tried to make a change. 


There is really no magic diet or even magic exercise program that will get the weight off and keep it off. It isn't the diet plan or the workout that creates a lifelong habit of a peaceful relationship with food. A good food plan and physical activity are part of the solution, but CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE also requires changing your way of thinking about yourself and food.   


When we become conscious of our ASSUMPTIONS AND BELIEFS ABOUT FOOD  and our EATING BEHAVIORS we can stop sabatoging our best efforts to be healthy.  


When we focus on our MOTIVATIONS for losing weight and keeping it off, we become more centered and able to automatically make the right choices and feel good about it. 


When we let go of resentment at the unfairness of not eating whatever we want; when we learn to treat ourselves with care and kindness; when we think of changing our behavior as a CHOICE, we become free to eat for life, rather than live to eat.


For my clients who want help with eating issues, I recommend the Cognitive Behavioral approach outlined by Judith Beck in her book, The Beck Diet Solution.  Many people use this approach successfully without the help of a therapist.  Sometimes the support and experienced help of a therapist can be the difference that leads to success.  


If you want to include learning this new approach as part of your therapy plan with me, please let me know.  We can create a plan for you to address eating issues as well as co-occuring problems such as depression, anxiety, stress management, bipolar or grief work.